JavaMelody 1.52.0 发布,系统监控工具

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JavaMelody 1.52.0 发布,此版本现已提供下载,更新内容如下:


  • fix  issue 406 : Slow GUI with JBoss EAP 6.2 (only since 6.2)

  • fix  issue 415 : Periodic stack trace in Tomcat 8 logs 'Java.lang.IllegalStateException: The resources may not be accessed if they are not currently started'

  • fix  issue 423 : Link to DataSource Reference Returns HTTP 404

  • fix in the Liferay plugin, the monitoring page works after deploy, but is not found (404) after restart of Liferay (commit 78618d3). This was caused by interaction between web-fragment.xml and Tomcat 7 inside Liferay.

  • fix  issue 377 : in JIRA, Confluence: Incorrect Installation Instructions on Atlassian Marketplace

  • improved: reduce the number of RRD files created in some conditions, by not creating a RRD file of mean times if a request is called only once (revision 3836). Otherwise, obsolete RRD files are automatically deleted after 3 months like before.

  • added: links "View in a new page" below the tables of threads and of current requests (revision 3839). For example when the app is under load, the new pages make it easy to refresh at will the details of threads or of the current requests to see if states change or not, without refreshing all the main page.

  • added: logout action in the menu on the right of the main report, if there is a http session (revision 3859)

  • In the Jenkins monitoring plugin, upgraded mininum Jenkins version to 1.509.3

  • added: In the Jenkins monitoring plugin, display of build steps and their durations, in the detail of each build statistics in the "/monitoring/nodes" page. See Example

JavaMelody 1.51.0 更新内容如下:

  • fix: when using Java 8, cpu graph was not displayed

  • fix  issue 396 : Call to TraversableResolver.isReachable() throws exception "Can't find a delegate"

  • fix  issue 399 : Report of large Nb of used jdbc connections with Spring Routing Datasource

  • fix "ORA-00911: invalid character", when using the sql-transform-pattern parameter, for the display of the explain plan of some sql requests (Oracle database only, revision 3799)

  • Drop Java 5 support. Said otherwise, a JDK or a JRE v1.6 or later is needed for Javamelody v1.51 or later. For Java 5, previous versions of Javamelody can still be used. (revision 3795)

  • Optimized desktop UI startup time, by downloading desktop app and caching locally (revision 3762)

  • improved: abstract very long sql requests ( issue 403 )

  • improved: in a graph detail, a checkbox can now hide maximum values in the graph, so that average values are better displayed when much lower than the maximum ( issue 368 )

  • added: PID in the heap dump file name (revision 3773)

JavaMelody 能够监测JavaJava EE应用程序服务器,并以图表的方式显示:Java内存和Java  CPU使用情况,用户Session数量,JDBC连接数,和http请求、sql请求、jsp页面与业务接口方法(EJB3、Spring、 Guice)的执行数量,平均执行时间,错误百分比等。图表可以按天,周,月,年或自定义时间段查看。

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